24 Karat Gold: The Ultimate In Purity Of Gold

Karat or carat is a means of evaluating weight and therefore is used to measure how much quantity of a metal is contained in an item, and though you may think that there is no difference between karat and carat you are wrong because carat signifies measurement of gemstones’ weight while karat solely refers to how pure is the gold. Thus, when you think about 24 karat gold, you should be aware that it refers to how much quantity of gold is contained in the item, and in this case it refers to pure gold minus any alloyed metals.

Unalloyed To Other Metals

Thus, when gold is alloyed with other metals it loses its purity and is therefore not called 24 karat gold, which as everyone knows, is pure gold. So, the next time that you want to purchase a gold item, you must check its karat information to ascertain whether you are getting 24 karat gold or less. What’s more, if you are buying gold jewelry made in Europe or in America, it will not, by and large, is 24 karat gold since there will be some amount of copper or other metal alloyed to the gold item.

The reason why it is not so easy to find 24 karat gold from American and European sellers is because such gold is too soft and thus European and American jewelers prefer to alloy pure gold with other metals, though if you really must have 24 karat gold, it would be better for you to source it from countries in the Middle East, Africa and also in Asia.

In fact, 24 karat gold has for long been used as the standard for pure gold right throughout the world, though recently this has been reduced to just fourteen karats gold. In any case, it should not come as a big surprise to learn that 24 karat gold is the costliest of all gold items and the pricing is arrived at by considering how much of gold is contained on a per gram basis.