A Few Golden Rules That A Gold Miner Should Abide By

Everybody must have heard about the great California gold rush of 1849, though not many may know that it was first discovered in Sutter’s Mill by its employees who found gold in the hills as well as rivers in the place where modern Sacramento in California lies today. The finding caught on like a brushfire and everyone then headed to California to try their hand at becoming a gold miner, and amazingly, many became rich overnight when they found gold in those regions.

Know Where To Look For Gold

Of course, gold mining is also fraught with many dangers and so it pays to learn the rules by which to enjoy your efforts as a gold miner, and among the first rules to pay heed to is to know where to look for gold and obviously no gold miner would waste his time looking for gold in a salt mine, and thus would first check out prospective areas where gold could be found.

The second important rule that every gold miner needs to follow is to realize that gold mining should be used as a daily business, and prospecting for gold would require looking only for the best places where to stake one’s claim. It may require scouring mountains while simply using a gold pan as a tool to locate the paydirt.

However, the most important of all mining rules that every gold miner needs to pay special attention to is to give his all into mining for gold and that it will demand a lot of hard work on his part, because it may require him to dig through much tons of dirt before striking gold. However, the lure of striking gold is so overpowering that every gold miner will not mind the hardships he has to go through just so that he can strike it rich.

Other than that, a gold miner needs to also know about various forms of gold mining that include placer mining and vein mining and he should also know how to pan for gold and also learn newer methods used such as metal detecting, sluicing and dredging as well as hydraulic mining. In today’s world, gold miners need to go wherever the gold mining company sends them and thus there is not the same freedom as was the case in the heydays of gold mining.

Still, it is a rewarding career and once you get stuck into gold mining, there is no looking for any other kind of work since the gold miner will soon become so attached to finding gold that it will take over his entire being.