Choosing a Gold Thumb Ring

Gold being the most malleable and ductile element can be turned into any jewelry one desires. Although gold requires a little help from alloy to make it harder. Gold thumb ring is one of the jewelry that can be custom made in order to fit one’s needs and specifications.
Gold is considered the oldest metal being the first to be discovered. It is considered precious by man since time immemorial. Alchemists associate the gold with the sun because of its bright yellow color hence its element name Au which is Latin for aurum referring to the shining dawn.
Gold’s yellow is more like orange-yellow tinge not the cadmium yellow it is perceived to be. Gold is used for the most valuable jewelries such as gold ring. It is one of the heaviest metals, heavier than silver and lead. Gold is not only beautiful but also precious which makes it very practical to collect and keep. Investing in gold is a good investment.
Gold thumb ring is uniquely shaped to fit the thumb of a person. Gold thumb ring is gaining popularity among teenagers today. Gold ring being made of gold is precious and would make a quite good investment.

Gold thumb ring is often made up of gold and an alloy of gold such as nickel, silver and palladium. Gold thumb ring quality is measured in karat. The measurement of the finest quality of gold could range from 17 karat to 21 karat.


An 18 karat white gold thumb ring is created by mixing 75% gold and 25 % white metal such as silver, nickel and palladium. An 18 karat yellow gold thumb ring has the same mixture with 75% gold and 25% other metals such as copper and zinc. The process of determining the gold content in karat is the same even if the alloys are different.

White gold thumb ring is often coated with thin layer of Rhodium coating. Rhodium plating is the most widely used coating because it helps make the gold look whiter and shinier. The effects of Rhodium plating however only lasts for about three years. That is why, re-plating is important to bring back the color once the color of the white gold thumb ring fades.

White gold thumb ring is highly fashionable and highly sought by men and women all over the world. White gold thumb ring these days come in all designs and budget-range suitable for all occasions. You have the option to choose gold white ring and gold ring whichever color suits you best.