Choosing White Gold Diamond Jewelry

Gold is the first metal discovered some 5500 years ago. Gold is rarer than copper and silver. It is also dense, denser in fact than lead. Gold worth millions of dollars would only equal to several ounces.

White gold diamond jewelry is made up of gold and white alloys such as palladium, silver and nickel. To make it shinier and whiter, white gold diamond jewelry is often coated with rhodium.

White gold diamond jewelry uses similar measure of quality as yellow gold. It is measured in carats represented by the symbol k. The highest quality of white gold jewelry is between 17 karat and 21 karat.

White gold diamond jewelry makes use of alloys to make it harder and stronger enough to hold the rings or pins. Of the two bleaching alloys, the nickel white gold diamond jewelry is harder and stronger. The palladium white gold jewelry is softer and hence better for gold gemstone settings.

Some white gold diamond jewelry is made up of gold, palladium and platinum. Platinum add weight and durability to the mixture since both gold and palladium are pliant. Making this kind of white gold diamond jewelry though takes very skilled goldsmiths.

High-premium white gold diamond jewelry is able to maintain shine and luster but most especially those low-grade ones do not. That is why applying a thin coating of rhodium is most often necessary. This will improve the appearance of dull white gold diamond jewelry. However, rhodium only lasts for more or less 3 years so cleaning and re-coating of rhodium will be required.

Effects of Nickel White Gold Diamond Jewelry

It was found out that a good number of women about 12-15% are allergic to nickel content in white gold. Some develop mild skin rash as a reaction to it. White gold diamond jewelry alloys without nickel are less allergenic.

White gold diamond jewelry is not a special kind of gold. They are true golds only they come in different shade of the familiar yellowish gold. Interestingly, white gold diamond jewelry was developed as a substitute for platinum. Currently, they are considered precious metal and no longer a substitute.

Any white metal added to gold produces a bleaching effect. Among the gold ‘bleachers’ or alloys, nickel, palladium and platinum are the strongest ‘bleachers’. Silver and zinc come in close second and considered moderate while the rest are weaker in effect.

Palladium white gold diamond jewelry is more expensive than nickel because palladium costs a lot more.