Common and Uncommon Facts About Gold

Gold is a bright yellow metal element that is highly prized for its value. It is commonly used for jewelry and has been around for centuries. There are many common facts about gold that people already know and some facts about gold are not as well known as others. Many people wear gold jewelry thus the popularity of gold is cemented and will probably last for a long time.

The Many Uses Of Gold

Gold in its raw form is highly malleable, which means that it is easy to form and manipulate. This is useful when it comes to making jewelry since there are many intricate designs which need the metal medium to be soft. Other common facts about gold are that it used to be filling material for teeth several decades ago because of it being not irritating to humans and not having any toxicity at all. Recently, gold has made a comeback in the dentistry area because many individuals prefer to use gold as crowns for their teeth and bridges.

More facts about gold are that just like other metals it conducts energy and is not usually affected by chemical agents, corrosive elements, moisture and oxygen. It can be beaten to a very thin degree, almost translucent and can be heated to a degree that it melts. Gold leaf, gold dust and gold flakes are often used as food decoration and can be easily ingested. The food that uses gold as decoration are often more expensive than others. There are also beverages that use gold as ingredients and these cost more than common alcoholic beverages.

Other facts about gold are that it can be beaten to a very thin translucent material; it is also used in electronics and as gold thread. The many uses f gold makes it more valuable to people. More and more gold mines are established in some areas of the world where gold is found to be abundant. Gold is mined as nuggets or as grains smaller than a grain of rice.

The value of gold usually rises every year. This is one reason why many people invest in gold jewelry since the gold itself is valuable, it does not easily corrode when exposed to common elements and it is a good investment. Many people like to know facts about gold to be better able to take care of their jewelry and to be able to make good investments.